Launchpad Token #1: MergePool ($MPOOL)

On September 23rd, MERGEPOOL went live under our MEV Repellent launch protocol, ensuring a safe and efficient launch process. It went smoothly, and investors of $MEVREPEL as well as stakers in $MEVSHARE had the opportunity to purchase the $MPOOL token prior to the general public. A more detailed analysis of this process is shown as follows:


“We hit up the MERGEPOOL team and helped them build out some code that will benefit our $Mevrepel / $MEVSHARE holders. Given the delays – and our support over the last few days – the MERGEPOOL team expressed excitement over the opportunity to reward our community. The improved MERGEPOOL contract will allow holders of $Mevrepel and $MEVSHARE an early entry into MERGEPOOL — prior to public trading. 

So to recap:

MERGEPOOL is allowing our holders and stakers early access to their launch — about 10 minutes of private trading PRIOR to public launch. There are two tiers of whitelisted holders: 

Tier 1: $MEVSHARE holders

Tier 2: $MEVREPEL holders 

This should allow MEVREPEL/MEVSHARE holders the ability to secure a decent position into a strong project. As of now, our proposal is for MEVSHARE stakers to buy 1 max wallet during the first 5 minutes of private trading, and for MEVREPEL holders with over 500,000 tokens to then be able to buy 1 max wallet during the next 5 minutes of private trading.”


This entire experience turned out to be a huge success for $MPOOL, and also a great success for the Mev Repellent community, given they were rewarded for their investment diligence and also witnessed the first LAUNCHPAD token of many to come. Currently, the MERGEPOOL team has liquidity locked for one year and they are working hard to push out their dapp this week.

Great things are on the way for the trusted team behind $MPOOL. Most importantly, the MEV Repellent team will continue to organize and execute additional LAUNCHPAD tokens in the very near future, so stay tuned!