A New Chapter: Introducing $MEVSHARE and Launchpad Updates

The time is finally upon us! After countless weeks of development team work behind the scenes, we are ready to officially announce a new staking program called “$MEVSHARE: Stake to earn your share of the MEV Repellent ecosystem”

$MEVSHARE is a brand new staking rewards token. Holders of our $MEVREPEL token will have the opportunity to stake their tokens for $MEVSHARE. They will in turn receive this new yield which will be distributed evenly to $MEVREPEL/$MEVSHARE holders. Instead of typically driving fees towards liquidity as our main focus, $MEVSHARE will allow the community to reap the rewards and offer incentives to stake. Fees will be collected from our upcoming launchpad services, and such fees will serve as the rewards for our staking token.

More detailed information regarding the staking breakdown, such as APY and lock durations, is found in our MEV Repellent medium article below:



As we also begin to initiate our MEV Launchpad, we will be partnering with development teams on upcoming launches to showcase our “mevdev” services. MEV Launchpad offers bespoke development services such as contract creation, deployment, marketing, and everything required for a smooth, successful launch. This will help ensure effective deployments for teams that are in need of extra protection for their potential investors. 

Prior to each launch utilizing the MEV Launchpad, we will link their official Token Telegram prior to its launch.

All major information/updates relating to the MEV Repellent Launchpad will be displayed in a specific channel that will be provided to the public very soon.

We are so excited for you to begin staking, earning, and claiming $MEVSHARE alongside our Launchpad ecosystem. We again thank you for sticking with us throughout the up’s and down’s. We are confident that the future has never looked brighter!

-MEV Repellent Team