Team AMA: June 9th

On Thursday, June 9th, the MEV Repellent community gathered together to host an amazing team AMA with tons of insight and answered questions. It was a great turnout and went for over 30 minutes. If you happened to miss the AMA, do not fret because there is a recording of the entire discussion in our community Telegram!

The AMA offered the community answers to the current marketing justifications, as well as hinting at upcoming developments for the MEV Repellent ecosystem. The team alluded towards the end of the month, specifically June 23rd, to be a date to watch for some exciting updates and announcements. Given the current bearish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, it was important for the team to justify an approach of taking the gas off of marketing while continuing to build out the MEVREP technology. This seemed to be the most appropriate approach for maintaining positive momentum with the MEV Repellent token, without wasting valuable assets by marketing in a dry buying environment. Overall, the team AMA is a must-listen and we invite all of our community to experience it!