MEV Repellent Certified Launch #5: $rare_inu

Rare Inu is a community driven and MEV free, 0 tax ERC-20 token looking to become the ultimate Elon memecoin!

The Rare Inu team will be developing RareSwap which will be used to swap the most rare and most popular memecoins in the crypto space with proven volume and handpicked by the community and development team 

After completion and success of RareSwap the community can benefit from custom NFTs which will be airdropped to all token holders along with marketing campaign for the NFT with a use case created by and for the community and new investors 

Rare Inu’s contract will be renounced as well as MEV Repel activated to prevent snipers and scammers from destroying our charts we have partnered with $MEVREPEL

CA: 0x671BF94778898164b8e25FCebc5c922EDba1A8D7