MEV Repellent Certified (Re)Launch #4: $NLA

As of May 20, 2022, “No Limit Ape” relaunched with a v.2 token with the intent of strengthening their community and lowering taxes once new staking features go live. The purpose of the project, in the words of one of their devs, is to “create a self-funded marketing vehicle that gives back to the defi community via sponsorship, to the influencer/sponsor base via Apecentric, the based caller list and the sponsor landing page on our website and to investors via passive income opportunities, all while continually strengthening the project.”

The $NLA team decided to launch from a private transaction in order to further suppress snipers, on top of partnering with our MEV Repellent team to create a super safe relaunch experience.

The integration of the MEV Repellent protocol turned out to be a huge success, with no MEV bot transactions in sight. We were honored to have worked with such a solid team and project.

We are excited to see what the future holds for $NLA, and look forward to enjoying additional relaunch collaborations with other projects in the very near future.